Application Readiness

Please download the PDF version of our Checklist.


Two Year Plan for Application

If you do not feel ready to apply at this time, follow this suggested two-year timeline for the Georgia Lighthouse Schools to Watch™   Application Process






Late spring

Download and read all materials pertinent to the Georgia Lighthouse Schools to Watch program and application.

Applications and procedures are posted at:

School Self-Study and Rating Rubric is posted at:

*as soon as the application is downloaded, the principal will be contacted by the LSTW State Directors

Principal and school leadership team

LSTW State Directors


Evaluate school readiness based on Lighthouse Schools Checklist posted at:

Principal and leadership team


Take School Self-Study and Rating Rubric

Initial staff discussions regarding school improvement process and readiness of applying for Lighthouse Schools to Watch in the spring of Year 2 (based on School Checklist and School Self-Study and Rating Rubric)

Identify other surveys, including ones for parents and students, to gather key information that will enable school to further assess readiness to apply

Take additional surveys and analyze resulting data to assess readiness and needs

School will be contacted and a mentor LSTW will be assigned to help with the process

Total school staff

Principal and school staff

Leadership team

School staff

LSTW Directors


Determine modifications needed to move the school toward Schools to Watch status

Develop timeline for necessary professional development and implementation of identified modifications

Conduct site visits to current Lighthouse Schools

Leadership team

Leadership team

Identified staff members


Begin professional development and processes to implement identified modifications

Administrative team and professional learning communities


Year Two


Implementation of modifications identified during Year One

Total staff

Late Fall

Re-do School Checklist to determine readiness


Early Winter

Discussions focus on Lighthouse Schools to Watch application and assessment of school readiness to apply.

Identify application writing team. (Should be comprised of a cross-section of the entire faculty)

Leadership team and total staff

Leadership team

Winter - Spring

Re-do School Checklist to determine readiness

Begin the writing process

Candid reflection of data, self-study, and progress of school improvement endeavors.

Divide narratives among writing team members and utilize Self-Study and Rating Rubric to ensure specificity of narratives. (should contain specific examples of indicators)

Insert last two year’s testing data in application charts.

Total staff

Principal and leadership team with feedback from total staff

Late Spring

Insert current year testing data in application chart as soon as it is available.

Contact State Director to arrange for staff to take the on-line school rubric that is submitted with the application (

Refine application and distribute to faculty for feedback.

Complete application checklist and sign-offs.

Detailed review of application prior to submission.

Writing team


Writing team

Administrative team


Final application and On-line rubric submitted electronically to Lighthouse Schools to Watch.

Deadline: June 30th

Principal and writing team

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